MIHAI EMINESCU • Chronology / Life, Creation, Cultural Context

Serban Eminovici Nicolae Eminovici Gheorghe (Iorgu) Eminovici

Selected Poems – Iancu Văcărescu • 1832. Poems – Grigore Alexandrescu • 1835. Academia Mihăileană (The Michaelian Academy) – the first institute of higher education, offering courses of History, Law, Architecture, Chemistry and Mathematics – is inaugurated in Jassy. • Birth of the Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu (d. 1912). • 1836, December 27. Paraschiva Iurascu (Dontu), the poet's maternal grandmother, dies. • 1838. Gazeta de Transilvania (The Transylvania Journal) – the first publication of the Romanians from the Transylvanian province – with the supplement entitled Foaie pentru minte, inimă si literatură (Newspaper for brain, heart and literature), is issued by Gh. Baritiu in Brasov. • 1839, January 10. Birth at Humulesti (Neamt) of the writer Ion Creangă (d. 1889). • Birth of the Romanian musicologist Theodor I. Burada (d.1923). • 1840, June 29. Gheorghe Eminovici marries Raluca Iurascu. • February. 15. Titu Maiorescu, the future literary critic and mentor of the Junimea Literary Circle of Jassy, outstanding member of the Conservative Party, is born in Craiova. • In Jassy, Mihail Kogalniceanu edits the journal Dacia literară (The literary Dacia), the program of which is meant at encouraging specifically national creations, inspired by the Romanian folklore and national history. Its most imposing collaborators – Vasile Alecsandri, Constantin Negruzzi, Alecu Russo – support the idea of putting together aesthetic and ethic aspects, and lay stress on art's socialand patriotic mission. Dacia literară played an essential part in the crystallization of the 1848 generation's ideology. • Vasile Alecsandri's debut in Jassy, with the play entitled Farmazonul din Hârlau (The Masher of Hârlau). • 1841. Serban, the first child in the Eminovici family, is born. He'll complete his primary and gymnasium education in Chernovitz; medical studies in Vienna and Erlagen. Although he never obtained an universitary degree, he professed as a doctor in Berlin. Dies at 33, striken by tuberculosis. • May, 12. Gh. Eminovici receives from Mihail Sturza – the Prince of Moldavia – the rank of collector of duties on spirits. • Birth of Iosif Vulcan, future editor and director of Familia (The Family), a magazine to be issued in Pesta (1865-1880) and Oradea (1880-1906). • Birth of Eduard Caudella, Romanian violonist, professor and composer. • 1842, January 2. The Eminovici buy a row of houses in the vicinity of the Uspenia Church in Botosani; the houses will remain in their property until 1855. • 1843, February 2. Birth of Nicolae (Nicu), the second son of Gheorghe and Raluca Eminovici. After gymnasium studies in Chernovitz, Nicu will attend the Faculty of Law in Sibiu, he, too, without obtaining a diploma. [next]

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