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Bisericuta si mormintele familiei in 1909. Clopotnita - 1909   


The old village church, built at the beginning of the 19th century, was bought by Raluca Eminovici and thus became the family’s prayer sanctuary. Four members of the Eminovici family are buried next to the tiny church: Raluca and Gheorghe, the poet’s parents; Iorgu and Nicu , two of his brothers.
The Ipoteşti village church, patroned by the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, is a filial church. This church was built on the land and with the help of Ipatie and Nicolae Isăcescu, who are its original founders. It was made of wood, but as the wood rotted, it was made of wattle. Finally, with the help of the people
[...] the church which endures today was made of brick on a stone foundation.
Cultul Ortodox din Judeţul Botoşani (The Orthodox Cult in Botoşani County), 1906.

  Detaliu epitaf Bisericuta familiei Eminovici in forma actuala. Litografie din interiorul bisericutei, in memoria eroilor  cazuti in razboiul  1877-1878. Ipotesti, bisericuta familiei Eminovici, iconostas (dupa restaurare). Ipotesti, bisericuta familiei Eminovici, icoana imparateasca (restaurata). Ipotesti, bisericuta familiei, foto 2000.

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