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Casa memoriala a familiei Eminovici - foto  Liliana Grecu Ipotesti, bust realizat de Gh. D. Anghel Ipotesti, decembrie 2013, foto Liliana Grecu

By 1924, Eminescu’s childhood home, uninhabited for years, had fallen into ruin. In 1940 the first memorial museum was founded in Ipoteşti, in the house rebuilt on the same site in 1934. Because it did not follow the original structure, the museum house would be demolished and a new one, rebuilt on the old foundation of the Eminovici house, would be opened in 1979. From the year 2000, the exterior and interior finish of the house and the exhibited furniture − partly original, partly made in the second half of the 19th century − have revived the air of the thirty years (1848-1878) when the poet’s family lived in Ipoteşti, in the house built by the tax commissioner for his permanent move to the village estate.


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