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THE NATIONAL POETRY LIBRARY   The Laurenţiu Ulici amphitheater


Amfiteatrul "Laurentiu Ulici" Depozitul de carte

The National Poetry Library was opened on 15 January 2000. Its document collections address both casual readers and researchers of Eminescuís work and biography, offering them substantial information. The documentary fund includes photocopies of 32 of Eminescuís manuscripts, photos and handwritten letters of the poet, Veronica Micle, Titu Maiorescu and other cultural figures of the 19th century and rare editions of Eminescuís work - from the Maiorescu edition in 1883 to the present.
The book fund donated to Ipoteşti by Laurenţiu Ulici comprises volumes of post-war Romanian poets which enable the comprehensive study of contemporary Romanian poetry. The library is intended to be the depository of the whole fund of Romanian poetry from its origins to the present, so that the Ipoteşti National Center for Studies broaden its research area from Eminescuís work to Romanian poetry in its entirety.
Like the outdoor amphitheater, the Laurenţiu Ulici amphitheater also has modern audiovisual solutions. In fact, it is a multipurpose room with approximately 130 seats, a small stage for shows, conferences and seminars, and reading room facilities.



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