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The Vintage Country House

THE FAMILY HOME / Documentary photos  The Eminovici family  Outhouses 


1909 1916 Partea din spate a casei originale in 1921 1921 Ruinele casei  în 1925


The family home was not a manor, but a modest country house, though spacious and practical, not lacking a certain rustic elegance. It was a geometric building, slightly raised above ground level, with two large windows on each side. A large porch in front, you reached it climbing some seven wooden steps, a porch roof, shaped as a Greek pediment supported by two slender columns, these were giving the white, tin-roofed building a vague neoclassical style. George Călinescu, Viaţa lui Mihai Eminescu (The Life of Mihai Eminescu)  


Prima reconstructie a casei Fundatia casei originale in comparatie cu prima reconstructie Casa memoriala a familiei Eminovici, foto 2011


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